Founder & Head Chef of Culinary Chrissy LLC

On April 8th, 1985, Crystal F. Wray, better known as Chef Chrissy, was born to her proud Caribbean parents, hailing from the island of Jamaica, in the west indies

. At a very young age, Chef Chrissy always knew that she would be an entreprenEUr. However, it wasn’t until her late twenties when she tapped into her love for hospitality and the culinary arts. After hosting many house parties that consisted of unlimited wine, food and laughter amongst friends, in her Chicago apartment, Culinary Chrissy was born.

The now 33 year old, Brooklyn-born Chef, has mastered the skill of connecting her life experiences, education, resourcefulness and culinary skills, to transform her business. Chef Chrissy has a penchant for creating new recipes for her clients and loved ones, while fusing tastes of the Caribbean & Southern comfort foods with her personal style of cooking. Take a peek into the life of this bold, fearless and adventurous self-taught Chef and Business woman, through her works, travels and experiences, while delving deeper into the culinary world.

Create. Taste. Indulge.